Why was my validation rejected?

In order for your membership to be validated, you must upload a valid identification photo such as a copy of your driving license, passport or utility bill showing your name and address. The information displayed must match your profile. As such, the validation might have been rejected due to not matching.

Another possibility is that the uploaded image is too blurry and as such we have been unable to confirm your information. Try uploading a new picture.

Finally, it may be that we could not validate your membership because our system has identified your registration as an attempt to violate our terms and conditions or because you have uploaded an invalid identification photo.

LoveAwaits.com does not allow for more than one membership to be created as a way of benefiting further from an introductory offer. Only one welcome gift can be received per household during any given 6 month period.

Please note that the above does not affect your membership which is still active.